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My New Hub – Tumblr

Hello WordPress people! It’s been a while since I last posted in my blog. Times are tough and I am busy with a lot of things at work and at home. For now, I will post more Korean content on my Tumblr: jini-girl.

I just posted my first movie review written in Korean! Hope it’s all correct – if not, I am open to any corrections! Thanks a lot! Will still post here from time to time ❤️

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Life Updates

우아아아아~ 정~말 오랜만이다!

안녕하세요 여러분!

It’s been months since my last post here, but I am still here reading all your amazing posts! I am just lazy to put all my contents to words.. Sorry to all my followers ㅜㅜ

Anyways, since I have been away for a while, lots of things have happened to me. I do not know if you want to read from this point forward, but just in case you do, below are my life updates:

1. I applied for TOPIK I exam, and I passed Level 2! Yay!

The week before the test, I was so stressed at work, and my teammates aren’t even cooperating. I was at a point where I question myself if I am in the right job. Good thing, I was able to make it! I was also nervous during the test, as it was 4 years ago since I passed my licensure exam (exam jitters all over again!). We even got to bring home the pens we used on the exam as a souvenir! So cool!

The moment I saw my score, I was shocked! I didn’t expect to get this score. There were many items that I am not sure, and those that I know were wrong, but didn’t borrow the correction tape from the proctor. I have some pride that just won’t go away, even during exams. 🤗🤗 Had I known that I will have decent scores, I should have tried TOPIK II. But the general aim of this exam is for me to experience how the test works, and if I am capable of aiming Level 2 with 3 years of on-off studying Korean.

2. My fangirling went to an all-time high!

I used to be just a casual fan, and only following my bias groups when they have a comeback. But it all changed after BTOB released their Feel ‘Em album with the Title Track “Movie”. I immediately fell in love with Ilhoon, although my bias is originally Minhyuk. 😭 I stalked their social media so hard, and watched every show they were on. Then, just this fall, BTOB released another album, Brother Act, with the title track “그리워하다”. I was so happy for them as this album was their most successful yet! They became number 1 in Melon for almost 86 hours, and stayed on Melon Top 10 for 7 weeks! It is easier for other boy groups to achieve that much, but it is special to BTOB because they are practically nugus (누구) before Yook Sungjae’s dramas School 2015 and Goblin.

For this comeback, I have:

– bought Melon pass and downloaded and streamed their songs

– joined other fans for a streaming activity, and I even gave them tips on how to score free Naver streaming passes

– bought their physical album ofcourse! can’t wait to receive it and hoping I will get a Minhyuk photocard!

– created a new twitter account to spazz about BTOB. Yeah, I don’t want to bombard my followers in my personal account of Korean tweets!

– BTOB recently released a healing reality show on their CH+ plus channel, and what a better way to support them is to subscribe to their channel for 200 coins or roughly $4 per month. Yes! 💙

Here’s my Lee Minhyuk, giving me his heart! 💙 I don’t know. I think I became crazy. I have been following them since 2015, but I was not doing this much. Maybe, I am just frustrated that they are very talented and funny, but they are not much known overseas unlik BTS and EXO, considering that they’re already a 6-year old group.

3. I bought more books ( or should I say I spent more? )

I have been thinking very hard of getting the Hanja book from TTMIK, but I was just waiting for the right chance. Good thing, I had money when they released their Winter Sale event. I ordered on the first day of the sale, hoping to get myself a limited edition TTMIK pin. It arrived 5 days after I ordered! I was never this impressed with delivery times before! I chose EMS, that’s why ☺️. But when I got a hold of my package, I was a bit sad that there is no pin :(. Then days later, I saw the post from the TTMIK team that they still have pins left 😭. Oh well, I was just a little disappointed, that’s all.

I probably am not vocal with this, but I am a huge fan of TTMIK. I have purchased a lot of their products already (ebooks, video courses and books). But I noticed that I can’t really study well with ebooks, so I have some of my ebooks printed out!

– Kyeongeun Choi’s audiobook vol. 2 and 3

– Hyojin An’s audiobook

I will try to make good use of these books and printouts! Will try to post reviews of them too! I hope I will stop being lazy! Hahaha!

Addendum: How could I forget to include meeting and touching Park Hyung Sik‘s hand? That’s like a dream come true for me and my diehard Korean soul! His hand is very soft and he looks like a mannequin! I just can’t! I want to melt in front of him! ❤️❤️❤️

These are some of the life updates that I have relevant to Korea and Korean. Let me know if you have any questions or comments below. 💙 안녕~

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Drama Challenge 2016 (Yes, 2016!)

안녕하세요 여러분!

Yes you have read it right. This is my post for Drama Challenge for last year. This post has been sitting for quite a while already, I thought why not finish it today? ☺️

Since 2014, I have been posting a yearly list of all the Korean dramas I have watched. From 15 dramas in 2014 to just 5 dramas last 2015, I wonder how many did I binge-watched last year!
2016 my was travel year. I rode the airplane 6 times last year. I also attended swimming classes last summer. Despite this, I promised myself that I will spend more time in actively learning Korean (actual studying rather than passively listening thru dramas). However, 2016 was a fantastic year for us fans! I cannot stray away from these dramas! I guess it can’t be helped. It runs in my blood already. ☺️

Here is the rundown of all the dramas I watched in 2016. Let me know your favorites in the comments below! 

1. Oh My Venus – So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah

2. Descendants of the Sun – Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

3. Doctors – Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye

4. W – Two Worlds – Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo

5. Reply 1988 – Park Bo Gum is the reason why. ☺️

BONUS: Jan 2017 is a great month because I satrted watching all these awesome dramas! Although they are for Drama Challenge 2017, I thought I could include them here! 😍

6. Goblin – Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

7. Legend of the Blue Sea – Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun

8. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo – Nam Ji Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung

9. Love in the Moonlight – Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung

10. Misaeng – Im Si Wan and Kang So Ra (ongoing) 

More beautiful dramas to come! 그럼 다음에 또 봐! 😇

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도깨비 끝! 

안녕하세요 여러분! 오랜만이에요! ❤️

This is my first post for the new year, but this will be very short. I would just like to share that I have finished watching all the episodes and that this drama is so damn great! I rarely post lengthy Korean sentences on my Facebook but due to my #feels, I just can’t help it! Below is my FB post:
Just finished watching the last episodes… I think I am always saying this whenever a good drama ends, but “This is the best drama I have ever seen!”. I felt like writing something but I’m afraid I might give spoilers so I really tried hard not to. This message is a bit cheesy, so I will not translate to English. Hahahaha! I also did this after Train to Busan, so I guess Gong Yoo brings out the Korean in me? ❤️❤️😍😍

벌써 도깨비 끝. 시간이 빨리 간다. 아름다운 16회가 지나갔다. 처음엔 걱정이 됐었다. 첫 에피소드가 정말 대박이다. 끝은 어떻게 될까라는 생각했어요. 많은 눈물로 아니면 사랑으로 가득한 차있는 엔딩이 될까요? 많이 궁금했었어요. 근데 마지막 회를 본 후에, 난 편해졌어요. 결말에 당연히 만족해요. 더 좋은 엔딩은 생각할 수가 없어요. 처음부터 마지막까지 도깨비 엄청 짱! 내가 본 드라마 중에 도깨비가 최고였다!👍🏼❤️

How did you find the Goblin ending? Let me know in the comment section below. 😇

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Reply 1988: More Flashbacks, More Fun

안녕하세요 여러분!

Last weekend, I finished watching 응답하라 1988 (Reply 1988). It is by far one of the most emotionally-injected dramas I watched. There’s comedy, drama, romance and sometimes even suspense. However, I find myself crying more, especially on the scenes where the mothers are involved. 

Brief Background: 응답하라 1988 revolves around the story of a Ssangmundong neighborhood. The families are very close, and they share not only food, but also laughter and tears. For me, it’s an ideal neighborhood where all the mothers are friends, all the fathers are friends, and a group of same-age kids are friends. It’s a family drama where conflicts are presented for each household, which seems natural to me (a mother who feels unappreciated, a mother worrying about money, mother worrying about his son, among others). One’s problem is everyone’s problem. An ideal neighborhood. 

Honestly, I watched 응답하라 1988 for 박보검.I was hoping to get to know him more as an actor through the drama. But to my surprise, he only appeared in the first episode for around 3 minutes. That episode is almost an hour and a half. But the story is so endearing, I cannot stop watching. I loved all the families! I complain every once in a while that the later episodes are almost 2 hours each, but hey, it’s necessary to present all the stories for each family.

응답하라 1988, like 응답하라 1997 (have not watched 1994 version yet) has scenes in present year and flashbacks. For 1988, there’s a mystery of who the husband of Seon Deok Sun (Girls Day Hyeri) is. Deok Sun is the only girl in the group of 5 same-age friends. You will never really know who will it be until episode 19. The show leaves clues for multiple guys on purpose. It’s really a close call between Jung Hwan (Ryoo Joon Yeol) and Taek (Park Bo Gum). I don’t want to give any spoilers, as it will be so much fun and shock if you find it out on your own.I’m almost done with the drama but I accidentally found out who will be the husband. I’m like “What the…..” No to spoilers!  In the end, flashbacks win me over. 

PS. I only watched with English subs until episode 6. After that, I’m just too lazy to download subs, and decided to go on without one. I’m worried at first because of 사투리 of some characters, but “All’s well that ends well!”. 

다움 시간에 만나자~

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Dramas and Languages

Hello Everyone!
Its been a while since my last post. I was so busy being an adult – work, commitments and responsibilities. >.< >.< >.<

In my last post, I have mentioned that I was watching the drama Doctors without any subtitles. Yes, I have finished all the episodes! Yey! But I will confess — I cheated a bit. There are some remarkable scenes that I watched with English subs (like the ending scene). I love watching that scene all over again, and I guess it won’t hurt if I fully understood what they were saying. Well, the goal of that challenge is to test my listening skill, which I think is lagging in all the language learning aspects. With all fairness, I can say that I understood majority of the dialogues. Sometimes, I am also surprised that I understood their lines, when I’m just supposed to listen. HAHA! And because I really love Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won together, I will re-watch all the episodes again with the English subs when time permits. I am already looking forward to their cute scenes~

After Doctors, I started watching W – Two Worlds starring Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo. This drama was really hyped all over the place, and even my office mates are convincing me to watch already, when I am supposed to wait for all episodes to be released. At first, like others, I was confused on how the story goes. The girl is from the real world. The boy is from a webtoon. Okay. How in the world are they interacting? I think because of this, I got hooked with the drama! At the end of every episode, I am curious as to what might happen next, so I just watch it in almost marathon-style (Don’t tell my mom I lack sleep because of dramas, huh? 🙂 ) Can I also say that LJS and HHJ’s chemistry is too much to handle? They kissed every other episode, it’s kind of addicting. HAHAHA! So when the drama reached the dramatic turning point, I missed the romantic scenes! XD I could say that W is my favorite drama of the year. Seriously. 🙂 I got more excited when the drama’s writer released a statement that she will release the script for the whole drama! I can’t wait!

It’s been 20 months since I formally started learning Korean. I know I am still lacking in all aspects when I assess my skills. But success does not happen overnight. It should take time. Watching and re-watching dramas make me realize that I made some improvements over the past few months. After all, what better way can a drama junkie like me use to learn a language?

‘Till next time!

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“애인 있어?” ~~~ Oh Feels!


Last 2 weeks ago, I have started doing something for the first time — watched Korean drama without English subtitles. Yes.

Today, it has been more than a year since I started learning Korean. It’s been a tough journey, with a lot of roadblocks. I felt that I have been slacking a lot all this time. While some others could have already made remarkable progress during a one-and-a-half-year period, here I am, just finding my way out. Hmm. I know I should not compare my progress with others. We each have our own different learning styles and paces. But I can’t help it. Hahaha! I will just use others’ learning stories to motivate myself to find time despite my busy schedule. 😆

In all the language learning aspects, I think I am weakest at listening. It’s really weird, because everyday, I listen to all things Korean — songs, podcasts, radio. I guess I’m just passively listening – or just hearing. I’m used to Korean murmurs, and sometimes, I really do not get what is being said, especially if the speech is really fast. With this, I promised to give more attention to my listening skills.

Then came an idea from my Korean friend. Why not try watching Korean dramas without subtitles? He knows I’m a Kdrama junkie, but I greatly depend on the subtitles, which he thinks hinders my learning. So I tried his suggestion to just check where my Korean listening skills will take me. I have started this by watching Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won’s Doctors (닥터스). It felt different. My viewing experience is not the same as before. Here’s why:

1. First time I am watching a Korean show without English subtitles. Most of the time, they are talking rubbish to me, but thanks to the video, I think I understood the story well.

2. I have never watched an ongoing drama before. As in NEVER. I hate the waiting that I need to do for ongoing series, so I wait for all episodes to be released with English subtitles, and then watch it Marathon-style! Woo! However, I defied this unwritten law of mine and tried to watch it while it’s still being shown in Korea. That should teach me some patience!

I plan to watch the ongoing series as it come, and then check my understanding by watching all the episodes with English subtitles via marathon! I am so excited to check if I really understood the story correctly! Still has 8 weeks to go!

Spoiler Alert: On a lighter note, since it’s hard to look for unsubbed episode of 닥터스, I looked for Indo subbed instead. It’s weird at first, but because of this, I don’t really read the subtitles anymore, and I just enjoy the awesomeness of Park Shin Hye. Haha! One time, I was watching episode 4, and there was a confrontation scene of PSH and KRW. I didn’t understand the first part of the conversation. But when KRW asked “애인 있어?” (Do you have a boyfriend?), man, that was my signal! I had to rewatch that part, and that’s when I recognized that he first asked “결혼했니?”(Are you married). Wah! It seems I still need more listening practice! 😉

Below were these questions in Indo sub:



영어 자막 없이 한국 드라마를 보자~~

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수영을 못 해요!

Yes, you read it right. I can’t swim.

For my age, I get pretty much embarrassed everytime I am in a swimming pool with friends or colleagues. All I did was stay on the sidelines or play in the waist deep part of the pool. I pity myself for not learning this skill earlier. If there are core skills that you need in your life, swimming is definitely one of them.

I also love traveling.

I enjoy beaches a lot, even though I don’t swim. There was an instance that our boatride got delayed due to some “special passengers” that were still missing. Out of boredom, some passengers started jumping to the water and swam. By the way, we already had our life jackets on. So when some of my friends also jumped, I followed and jumped my way to the sea. Wow! Such a nice experience that is! I was able to go to deep waters without the fear of drowning. I felt the sunshine beamed on my face, as I am floating happily facing the sun. I thought that it would be nice if I could float in the water for hours just to watch the clouds move about.

It was not until my recent trip to Bomod-ok Falls in Sagada, Philippines that I realized I really need to learn how to swim. My friend and I climbed rocks and penetrated small spaces to be able to get to the falls more closely. But oops. It’s a dead end. The only way  to get back to safety is to jump. Well, the height we need to jump is fairly short, but the water is so deep! >_< And I can't swim! Since others already jumped in (including my friend), I felt other people started watching my every move. I was embarrassed, but I was more afraid of jumping. So my friend asked for a life jacket so that I can already jump. He was able to borrow one, but it's broken (only one side can be fastened). After encouragements from fellow travelers, finally, I was able to jump. BAM! I hit the water real hard, my camera slipped from my hand (good thing it has a strap 😆)! I panicked because I don't even know how to float, and I felt my jacket's betraying me (it's loose). My friend rescued me and pulled me back to the shallow water. I was able to record everything, and I saw his leg cramped. 😥 I was really thankful to him, not just because he saved me, but he forced me to overcome my fear.

Because of this experience, I decided that I will learn how to swim, and enrolled in a 12-hour swimming course. I hope that everything turns out well, and that I will learn well. We are currently in our 4th hour, and I can now float facing the sky and do freestyle swimming. I'm just worried my breathing is not good yet. 😦


Oh, and by the way, on that night of my jump, a fellow tourist from our hotel recognized me, and asked if I was that girl who jumped in the falls. I was embarrassed back then, but he said that he was envious of me. He was envious that I overcame my fear and jumped. They should have also borrowed a life jacket and jumped as well. That remark really made my day (err, night). 😇

전 수영을 못 해요. 물에 빠져 죽고 싶지 않아서, 수영을 열심히 배우고 있어요. 다음 주말에 시간이 있으면, 같이 수영 할래요?

– wrote this earlier while I was on break from the swimming practice :mrgreen:

*edited post (배우다 instead of 공부하다)

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Language Tag

Tag. I’m IT!

The hype for language tag posts may have already died down in my reader, but I am here to give it one last shot.  But first, I would like to thank Koen from Koen Speaks for tagging me in this bandwagon! In case you haven’t read yet, HERE is her awesome language tag post.

So, let’s get right into it, shall we?

What would you consider your native language?

My native language is Filipino (the national language of the Philippines). It is also known as Tagalog by locals and foreigners alike. In case you haven’t heard any Tagalog, it is closely related to Malay languages when it comes to syntax (and overall look and feel), and Spanish (for the vocabulary). When you already know Spanish, picking up Tagalog will be easier because of similarities in the words.

What was your first language learning experience?

I think my first language learning experience was with my parents and other family members. Here in the Philippines, it is normal for people to speak in Taglish (Tagalog + English). And babies are not exempted from learning this. Pinoy babies are taught with different English words / rhymes like “Close, Open, Close, Open” (referring to the hands) and “Appear” or “Align”. As the kids grow old, they will be taught basic English sentences like “What is your name?”, “How old are you?”, “Where do you live?”, among others. I can say that I already have basic English sentences when I started kindergarten at 4 years old.

What languages have you studied and why did you learn them?

Aside from Filipino, English is one of the official languages of the Philippines. When I was in grade school, some subjects have English as their mode of instruction. With this, basic understanding of English is necessary. But few years back, there were some changes made, and schools are required to use the Lingua Franca of the students when teaching Kinder – Grade 3 pupils.

Growing up, I already knew that I have an extraordinary love for languages. I always excel in my language classes (and other subjects as well 😝). In Grade 5, I started writing for the school paper and joined Campus Journalism contests as an English News writer, and Editorial writer in Grade 6.

As I reached high school, I have improved a lot because of my then English teachers. Their accents felt like music to my ears. I also started watching English news like CNN and BBC during these times, and I often found myself imitating how the broadcasters would relay their stories. And up until today, I still try to imitate newscasters in English broadcasts.

During my last year in high school, my friend introduced me to Japanese language. We do not have access to the Internet back then, so we only relied on his sister’s dictionary and CDs to learn Japanese. I remember learning the Katakana and Hiragana, but due to lack of materials, eventually, I lost this.

Then I came across Spanish workbooks, and I’m instantly in love! I tried to pick up some Spanish thru the books, but they were not enough. I lost interest then, but I will certainly learn it in the coming years.

It was in college when I met Korean girl group 2NE1, especially Dara, who is a Filipino-at-heart. I became a fan after watching their MV “Fire”, and then started loving KPOP. However, it was not until last year that I started pursuing Korean language for real. Before, I am already contented with memorizing foreign words with beautiful melody. But then came a time that I wanted to understand what I was singing and humming all the time. Thanks to the full internet access, studying Korean became easier for me, compared to the other languages I tried learning before.

How does your personality affect your language learning?

I am stubborn. So before, because of my stubbornness, I don’t care if I do not know the meaning of a foreign word in a song. As long as the song is good, I will sing it. Now, I’m still stubborn. But the good thing is, when I wanted to know what a word means, I will quickly search in the net for the answer.

Do you prefer learning a language in a class or on your own?

On my own, 100%. I have tried learning in classes, and it is so boring when the pace is very slow. When you are all alone, you control the pace, and the materials that you use.

What are your favorite language learning materials?

Definitely the TTMIK materials! The TTMIK team members are awesome! Their free materials are enough for someone to learn basic Korean. Now, I started buying some products from them and I can say that I love them all! My most favorite is the Story Time! I wish they release new versions soon!

How much time do you spend learning a language per day?

Now, this would be hard. Due to the nature of my work, I spend at least 12 hours outside for working and commuting. Sometimes, I sneak in some time listening to Iyagi while working… but my KPOP playlist from Spotify is always there for me. I just make sure I learn something new daily (whether it’s a new word, sentence or grammar point).

What are your short-term and long-term language goals?

Short Term Goals:
– Learn up until level 3 Korean by this year.
– Join the Korean Speech contest next year (and hopefully win the free trip to Korea). Now this would need super hard work!

Long Term Goals:
– Make lots of language exchange friends
– Learn other languages and be a polyglot (currently have my eyes for Japanese and Spanish)
– Further improve my Korean just like my English

What is your favorite language?

It’s a battle between English and Korean. I am torn. Everything I do involves English, but I want to do the same for Korean.

What is the next language you want to learn?

Japanese, then Spanish

What advice could you give new language learners?

Being a polyglot is hard work. But do not be too hard on your self. Remember why you wanted to learn the language, and always have fun! I believe speaking more languages will bring extraordinary experiences (meeting new friends, learning other culture). Learning takes time and patience, but it will be worth it.

As for the tags, I think all the blogs I follow have already been tagged. I will update this post once I have someone in mind already!

‘Till next time! 🙂

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Drama Challenge 2015

Hooray for my first post for 2016! *confetti*

How have you been this past year? Before January 2016 bids goodbye in few days, I would like to do a recap of what has happened on my Drama Challenge for 2015.

In my previous Drama Challenge post, I wrote that I was able to watch 15 Korean dramas for 2014. This 2015, I had slowed down big time. I only had 5.

At first, I am quite not happy with this outcome — from 15 to 5. That is too much and too sudden. However, looking back, I had spent a lot of my free time in learning Korean. 2015 was the year that I enrolled in a Korean language formal class which lasted for a whole year (but I just made it until October). Last year, I was also able to step up my game and did more self-studying with the help of the TTMIK materials. I had bought a lot of products from them last year, and up to now, have not fully used all of these. To add, I did a lot of traveling last year to some of the most beautiful places in the Philippines. You can see my pictures on my Instagram account: @jini_girl. See, my 2015 is not as bad as I thought it was! 🙂


So without further ado, here is the list of dramas that I have watched for my Drama Challenge 2015:


  1. Pinocchio – Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye


2. Pride and Prejudice – Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee


3. Healer – Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young


4. Marriage Not Dating – Yeon Woo Jin and Han Groo


5. Ex-Girlfriend’s Club – Byun Yo Han and Song Ji Hyo


I guess by now, you have guessed that my most favorite of these dramas is the Marriage, Not Dating (featured image). I fell in love with the story and the characters. 주장미 is very eager and funny, opposed to the very stubborn 공기태. They have overflowing chemistry! The drama has a typical plot — they are pretending to love each other at first, but their feelings became real. What makes this drama good is probably how the actors made the scenes more fun and believable!

I am hoping 2016 will be more fun for me in the Kdramalandia! 감사합니다!